Monday, November 17, 2008


The Saturday after Thanksgiving I am going to attend a baby shower, for a hip, first time mom-to-be friend of mine and I have NO clue what to get as a shower gift!!! Any must have baby products that would make a good gift for a baby girl that anyone can recommend? I'm totally lost here.


Seeking Solace said...

Not a human mom, but having attended a few baby showers I have a couple of suggestions.

Is the person registered anywhere? That would be the easiest.

One year, a couple of friends and I got together and filled a baby bag with all the necessities. since my firend was an attorney, we found a professional looking baby bag and filled it up with all kinds of goodies, plus a bottle of Advil for mom!

Another year, a co-worker and I chipped in for a pregancy massage for our boss. She loved it!

Tracey said...

Here's something I've noticed: When the mother KNOWS the gender before the shower, the shower suddenly becomes very pink or very blue. I suggest going with neutral items, whatever you choose, because if she has another baby of the opposite gender, the presents will suddenly seem inappropriate!

Just go off of the registry, if she did one.

I also like the baby medicines, accessories, etc. collections. Those are EXTREMELY helpful.

The massage is a great idea, too.

Also, I liked the impractical gifts. The expensive, fancy outfits that I could never stomach paying full price for, but always drooled over. Those were very well-received, no matter how little they were able to be worn or used.

If she lives in a cold winter climate, I liked the covers for the infant car seat. They attach all around the seat like a cozy blanket, and even have flaps for over the head for the really frigid moments between car and building...

Also, the hand written notes either on stationary or inside your favorite children's book are the sweetest things. They are touching, and not very expensive at all. The notes that explain how much you love the mother and are excited for to meet the baby are what melted me the most!