Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Date

I went on a date last night. First one in a LONG time, so I was a little rusty, but I think it went well. We just met up for drinks at a bar in the Village and chatted. He's HOT, seems like a pretty nice guy, young (27) but has traveled the world and seems to have a good outlook on things. I'm not sure what much we have in common, but it was nice to just go out, chat and have a very attractive guy on my arm for a night. He already asked me out again, so we'll see.

It's good to exercise the flirt muscles...god knows I need the practice.

Friday, June 26, 2009

I have a wife....

A blog friend turned me on to this new website that I have officially fallen in love with. It's www.alice.com and the premise is that you spend some time telling it what household products you use and then you can order them, not only with FREE shipping, but it FINDS THE COUPONS for you and applies them to your order!! Also you can set it up to remind you to reorder something if you know approximately how often you use it. I just got my first order and it's like my own personal Target fairy dropped everything I was out of at my feet. Seriously LOVING THIS.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

REALLY US weekly? Really?

"Kate Gosselin Sports New Bikini at Home" was a recent headline on the US Weekly website. Is what this woman wore in her DRIVEWAY really news?????

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Photo Blog

I've started a new photo blog for my retouching company! Come check it out and feel free to pass along to anyone you know who needs photo help!

If you want to contribute ideas, posts or questions to the blog, let me know!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Learning to Ebb and Flow

I've been having that rare feeling the past few days that I've (excuse my language) got my shit together. I'm on top of things at work (thanks to my summer intern), have a good flow of freelance clients with projects well spaced out and have my meal planning down to a science, so much so that I've been bringing coffee, my breakfast AND my lunch to work every day.

I know the feeling is fleeting and that a few weeks from now I'll be eating dry cereal straight from the box for dinner because my meal plan went by the wayside and I'll be rooting through the laundry for the least offensive smelling pair of jeans, but I think I'm actually learning that it's ok to get behind on life sometimes. Nobody has it "together" 100% of the time, especially if they are trying to do it all alone. It's about balance. Some days I'm going to be on my meal plan and ok with sticking to it. Other times I'm going to give in to the pizza craving, even if it's not on that week's list, and that's ok.

It's called living life.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Skirt

I have this skirt from the Gap I bought YEARS ago. Black, perfect fabric that doesn't wrinkle in a suitcase, perfect length, figure flattering. But when I bought it, it was a smidge too big and now that I've lost (and kept off) some weight, it falls right off me.

I put it in my Goodwill pile with a heavy hand and tried to forget about my perfect skirt, but when I finally made my trip last week to the donation bin, I couldn't bear to part with it and decided to see if I could have my perfect cheap skirt altered.

I was TERRIBLY embarrassed to take it to my fancy NYC tailor for fear of the mocking I would pay so much to get such a cheap piece of clothing taken in, but perfect black skirts are hard to find so I bit the bullet and took it in.

He listened careful to what I wanted done and inspected the label. He said in his heavy Eastern European accent "umm...this is like $18". I apologized for bringing in such cheap piece and started in on a lengthy explanation of how it was the perfect skirt and how I'd searched for years to find a replacement and couldn't and he patiently listened while glancing at the cashier with a "what is this chick talking about" look. When I finally finished he says to me "No, miss I mean the ALTERATIONS will be $18."

I thanked him, took my receipt and got out of there as fast as I could.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Non Bloggy

I don't know what is with me lately, but I'm feeling very non bloggy. My life just hasn't been very interesting lately.....economy finally taking its toll at work....benefits going down, layoffs, forced time off. Nothing fun there. Therapy isn't really working and I'm feeling frustrated about that after months of trying. No new boy news. The days are just kind of floating by with not much excitement to report! I'm fine with a nice summer that just kind of coasts along, but it doesn't make for good blog fodder unfortunately.

Hope you guys are having more blogable summers! I need to live vicariously through you for awhile!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Home Office

Here are the before and after pics of my home office space. Once I get the boxes out, I'll take a better pic of the desk, these don't do the piece justice. FINALLY I have a proper space to work on my photos and build my business!!!!

Before (I piled my work stuff on a TV table and did my work on a couch until my back hurt)


Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I called my state government to find out what forms I needed to prefect a security interest.

The first person I got told me they don't give out information, just phone numbers.

The second time I called the person directed me to the online forms for applying to be a security GUARD.

The third time I got someone who actually knew what I was talking about.

Ladies and Gentelmen: The United States Government

Monday, June 08, 2009


After months of planning a home office re-do and TONS of research and waiting for backordered items, my home office project is finally coming together. My desk should arrive in a week and then all I'll have left to do is choose a desk chair.

I'm having slight buyers remorse....I spent a LOT of money on this project, but as I hope to eventually move to a 100% freelance photo career someday I have to think of it as an investment in my future. 

Guess it's time to start promoting my business now. I need this desk to pay for itself!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Take Pictures

I went to the Celebration of Life Service for a friend of mine last weekend who died a few months ago. They had a slideshow of photos playing in the background from moments throughout her life and it was very touching.

Take pictures. Take pictures of good times, bad times, times when you think you look fat, times when you think you look good. Times when you cried and times when you laughed so hard you cried. Just take pictures.