Thursday, February 24, 2011

Taxes Fail

I've always done my taxes on my own. Old school style: pencil, forms and calculator. I loathed the idea of paying someone to do something I could figure out on my own (my taxes have always been ridiculously straightforward, no deductions or anything). Last year I changed jobs and changed states and it's just been too hard to figure out, so today I sucked it up and dropped my papers off at H&R Block. I stupidly feel a sense of failure/defeat and am annoyed they don't make it so a normal person can figure this stuff out! I even tried doing it in Turbo Tax but couldn't figure it out. Ah well, it's my one solace that this year is the LAST YEAR I'll be filing on my own. Next year I'll be a married girl and taxes fall under R's domain! 

Speaking of R's domain....we had a possum fall into our backyard garbage can and get stuck! Apparently he was a happy camper in there because even when R tipped the can over so he could run out, he stayed in there! R tapped on the can, turned it all the way over even tried putting food in front of the can, but that little guy would NOT come out! Finally he wandered out without a care in the world and kind of looked at us like "what?". He didn't even run away or anything! The nerve!

Monday, February 14, 2011


I finally was able to hit the gym again post-MRSA flare and BOY am I sore! Mostly just in the arms, but I discovered an ab machine I like and while at the time it seems easy! What a nice way to stretch my back! The day after is BRUTAL. 

Wedding plans continue though I'm at a  lovely time right now where I've done everything that NEEDS to be done before 9 months out, plus caught up on some of the other misc. things that need to be done, so I have nothing to stress out about getting done and nothing really looming for awhile that NEEDS immediate attention so I've just been relaxing and not really thinking too much about it. I think they key to non-stress planning for me is going to be to do a big chunk, then take a break,enjoy just being with Raf and spending time together, then do a chunk, relax and reconnect. 

Our superbowl/engagement party was SO much fun. None of us cared too much about the game (sorry SeekingSolace!) so it was pretty relaxed. I made some GOOD food (homemade (turkey) bagel dogs...YUM FREAKING YUM), a veggie stocked pasta salad, wings and everyone ate drank and had a good time. 

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

A month

It's been over a month since I last wrote. How can that be?!

Let's do a bit of a catchup. Wedding plans are in full swing....I can not believe how much time and research it takes! Thankfully Raf is 100% involved and helps out a ton or else I think elopement would have to be under advisement. We also hired a "wedding weekend" coordinator who will help with a lot of the last minute stuff, as well as the rehearsal dinner and day after brunch. 

There are still times when I can't believe I'm getting married. I do my taxes and think "woah this is the last year I'm checking the "single" box". I 100% love him and know in my heart this is who I am supposed to be with, but I honestly still struggle sometimes with relinquishing my independence and selfishness. I was comfortable in my come and go as I please, travel to my hearts content and leave dishes in the sink if I wanted to life and the difference now is jarring. I am still finding the balance of self vs. "wife", but I think to some extent no matter what roles people have, there is always a tug of war between them and an ever tilting scale. 

In other news I had another staph/MRSA flare and I'm still recovering from that. I hadn't had one in almost a year so it was frustrating for it to pop up again. Hopefully I can keep it at bay for awhile. I had joined a gym and was pretty good about going 3 times a week, but got derailed when I got sick. I think I can start up again in another week or so. 

I have been a cooking disaster lately. I keep burning nearly everything I make and my cooking confidence has taken quite a hit. Our oven is fairly new, so I don't think it's a problem with the unit, but it seems like EVERY thing I make burns on the outside while still being raw on the inside. VERY frustrating. I may try cleaning our could use a good scrub. Maybe that will help. 

The new job is going well. It's still strange to be in an office of only 6 people, but it's definitely less stress than where I was previously and a MUCH more positive environment. It was definitely a good move on my part despite the slight paycut. 

Hope you guys have all been well!!!! I've missed you!