Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No breaks here

Even though my OB/GYN appt was over TWO MONTHS AGO, they called me today to tell me my tests had "abnormal results". She said it wasn't cancer, but that they just needed to run some more tests. Dr Google assures me this is 100% normal and that even if I have HPV (which is what the lady said they needed to re-test for) in most cases it goes away on its own, I'm still trying hard not to freak out. Why is my body breaking down at 30 on me??!!!

My follow-up appt is next week....wish me luck.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Holes and Showers

- So the leg saga continues. I ended up sort of yanking the infection/pus-type stuff out of my leg, which left a gaping hole about the size of a dime and 1/4" deep. It looks scarily like a gunshot wound. LOL There is minimal pain though so I'm hoping it will just heal. I'm snapping a pic and sending it to the dr tonight so we will see what he says. The Boy is getting his looked at tomorrow, so fingers crossed we are finally on our way to healing!

- My mom dropped a major bomb on me last night. Apparently, I am in charge of planning my sister's bridal shower and my mom wants to do it at their house before they sell it, so I have 8 weeks. Um gee thanks. I barely know my sister at all, don't know her tastes, hell I don't even know what she eats and I'm supposed to plan a party for her???!! I sent my mom some ideas today and thankfully she liked them. I'm going with a gerber daisy theme (those are the flowers my sister is using in the wedding). Now if I could only figure out what sister eats. LOL

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


(tired of me whining yet? I am too!)

I think I have an absess in my gums...there is this weird pocket/bubble on my bottom right side. I was supposed to get my wisdom teeth out down there awhile ago (ahem...15 years ago...) and I wonder if it's related to that. Thankfully it's not painful at all and I'm already on antibiotics, but I think once I am FINALLY over staph round 2, I may have to hit up my dentist/oral surgeon.

The Boy's infection is still raging. He saw a dr yesterday who said he just has to wait it out. I still feel SO BAD for causing him pain. Poor Boy...he's the perfect boyfriend and I reward him my giving him staph. :-(

Seriously, when am I going to get a break?!!!

On the upside, I made these tasty blueberry muffins from the Skinnygirl Dish cookbook I got last week. Its been a great resource for teaching me how to re-think my cooking and making it healthier.


Saturday, March 20, 2010


My pharmacy made a mistake and only gave me 2/3 of the antibiotics I need for my infection.

The cleaning service I hired to disinfect my apartment never showed and their number has now been disconnected.

And the hits just keep on coming.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Too Much

I think I heard somewhere once that life never throws more at you than you can handle.

Currently I am "handling":

1) my second staph infection in 3 and a half weeks. The pain is unbearable and every day I pray that this second course of antibiotics kicks in and stops the pain.

2) having given my beloved Boy a staph infection! Apparently we are at the "sharing germs" stage of our relationship. Plus the poor guy has no insurance and is allergic to antibiotics, so that throws some fun and extra excitement in the mix for him.

3) the unexpected death of my uncle and missing his services because I am clearly contagious and should not be traveling.

4) a MAJOR weight gain, when I am supposed to be on track for LOSING. Not being able to workout for over a month, not being able to get out of bed for 1.5 weeks and the constant feeling that someone is attempting to build a fire in my upper thigh have lead up to the extra pounds creeping on.

On the tiny tiny upside of all this, my apartment is being cleaned/disinfected this weekend and I don't have to lift a finger AND I discovered that One-a Day makes gummy ADULT vitamins. I have always had trouble swallowing pills so this is a real find! Ironically though, you have to take TWO a day, despite the One-a-Day name.

So life, if you have anything else you need me to take on, I urge you to reconsider. I am running on empty!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Catch Up

- Apparently battling staph in my right leg made my left leg feel left out (pardon the pun) and I now have an infection in that leg too! I'm not 100% sure it's staph and it seems to be slowly fighting itself off this time, so I'm waiting it out to see if my immune system kicks in on its own instead of rushing back to the dr again. I would rather not get antibiotics again if I can help it.

- I am ITCHING to be healthy again and get back to my Wii workouts! I've gained some of my weight back being so sedentary because of the infections and I would love to get that off again.

- The Boy officially asked me to be his girlfriend last weekend and I of course said yes! I can't resist, at least temporarily putting up a photo of us, so here we are on a recent walk under the GW bridge:

Monday, March 08, 2010

I fought the Staph...and *I* Won!

Finally back at work after the great Staph Battle of 2010. The leg is almost fully healed, but I am still fighting incredible fatigue. I feel like I could still sleep for DAYS. I'm hoping I feel 100% soon. I hate this feeling of exhaustion.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Resolution....I think

I took advice in between Angela and Coastin Anon. In one of our usual conversations I casually and calmly brought up where we were on exclusivity (not specifically mentioning eharmony) and he assured me that although it hasn't been a great deal of time (3 months) he is completely committed to seeing where things go with us. He was open with me and told me how he feels about me (which was nice to hear) so I'm going to TRY not to dwell on it and believe both his words and current actions.

THANK YOU GUYS! I think I would have totally panicked and blew it out of proportion more than I did if I didn't have my blog commenters so BIG HUGS all around! (which I just typed as BIG HUTS...) Huts for everyone! lol