Friday, September 28, 2007

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bullets of Randomness

* My trip to Rhode Island was LOVELY. It was so peaceful and relaxing and I'll definitely be going back. I SO miss having a car and driving.

*My job is draining me to the point that I can feel the effects its having on my body. The tension, stress and long hours are more than I can handle and I've hit my breaking point. I requested a temp for the rest of the week, but only got a "we'll see" answer so who knows if I will get one. Fingers crossed.

*Things with Tennis Guy are still going strong. Daily texts, phone conversations that last for hours and he's coming back to NY to see me in 8 days!! I wake up every day and wonder how I got so lucky.

*I am SO over the whole being hot in LATE September thing. It was nearly 90 degrees this week! I refuse to turn the AC on when it's officially Fall! Bring on the cooler temps or at least get rid of the humidity!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Hitting the Road

In 24 hours I'm hitting the road for my big Road Trip! I am SO excited!! The cameras are charging, the CDs are packed and the directions have been printed!

Rhode Island here I come!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Tell me this isn't a new look.....

Today during my usual walk through Grand Central Station I saw a guy wearing a very expensive-looking business suit and tie, with a coordinating belt, carrying a gorgeous Kenneth Cole briefcase....

and wearing flip flops.

Has anyone else seen this? I'm hoping it was just an anomaly.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Road Trip

I'm heading up the coast this week and taking myself on a little road trip. I've rented the car, made my "car" playlists on iTunes and planned my route. I'm extremely excited about getting out of the city, meeting new friends and taking photos of a new place. A few weeks ago I blew off an afternoon at work and spent some time sitting in the park with my friend E who is a photographer. My conversations with him are always very inspiring and even since our conversation I've been inspired to go out and take some new photos.

Let's just hope I remember how to's been months since I was behind the wheel of a car!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm ready!

For Fall! Bring on the flannel sheets, the long sleeve PJs and all those cute fall fashions.


Monday, September 10, 2007

This IS fun!

Had my second date with Tennis Guy (TG) last night and it was amazing. We joke around like old friends already and he's amazingly respectful and sweet. He's a bit older (40), but I don't mind that at all. He does travel quite a bit, so I just assumed it was just going to be a weekend thing, but he says he wants to date me and is going to come back to NY to see me again after the next tournament is over in a few weeks. I'm going in with cautious optimism, but so far things are good and I definitely can't wait to see him again.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

What They Say is TOTALLY True...

I've heard the "oh you'll find a man when you aren't looking" SO many times, but I never really thought it was true.

Until last night that is.

After things with the Young One went South I had sworn off men. I made a conscious choice not to think, obsess or seek men out. In a bizarre confluence of events I ended up having drinks with a guy who is in town working on the U.S. Open. I went in with no expectations, didn't dress up or do my hair and generally just went in with the mentality of "I'm just going for 1 drink and to meet a new person". And it was fun! Good conversation, good laughs and plans to meet up again before he leaves. No stress, no pressure, no anxiety and no expectations. This is TOTALLY the way to go. He's texted me several times since last night and even called me in between matches today. Unfortunately he travels for work 35 weeks a year so there isn't any real chance of a relationship, but I'm actually ok with that. For 2 nights I got to go out, have fun and have good company. I learned that taking the pressure off myself and the situation is absolutely the way to go and hopefully my new zen attitude will pay off in the end and I'll find Mr. Right!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Annoying News

I've always maintained a love/hate relationship with the news and this week it's HATE.

1) Is anyone else annoyed that early iPhone buyers are whining because the price of the phone recently dropped? Nobody FORCED you to buy the thing the day it came out. I remember wanting the Razr when it first came out, but waiting almost a year until the price dropped to half of what it was and now the thing is practically free. I say they should have to pay for their impatience and should quit demanding a refund of the difference in price!

2) Fred Thompson and his (final) declaration to run for President in 2008. If I hear one more Reagan comparison I'm going to hurl. Not to mention the fact that if he wins I am moving out of this country for good.

3) The Idaho senator who can't decide if he's resigning or not. Get a daisy and start pulling petals off and make up your mind already!

I think it's time for the news and I to break up for awhile. I recently rejoined Netflix and I think this is an excellent opportunity to start catching up on all the movies I have been missing. Let me know if you have any suggestions!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I give up!

So things with the Young One officially have gone south. We had plans to meet up last weekend in Chicago and he had something come up and he canceled, then we made plans and he bought me a plane ticket to come see him this weekend and something came up and he canceled. Neither things were his fault, but I just can't handle the ups and downs of it all any more. It sucks because I REALLY enjoy talking to him, but you can only get so involved on the phone and we've hit the point where we need to meet in order to see if its going anywhere, but things just keep getting in the way.

It just shouldn't be THIS hard.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Rethinking this whole moving back to IL thing.....

I had a great trip to Chicago this weekend, but MAN did my allergies act up. I think I sneezed continuously for the entire 48 hours I was there. I went to Target and got allergy meds, but they didn't help much. I miss trees and all, but man it makes me rethink this whole moving back to the Midwest thing....