Friday, October 29, 2010


I'm doing the printing of our invites myself, but R and I took TOTAL advantage of the 20% off sale Cards and Pockets was having and bought the pocketfolds and mats for our invitations. According to the tracking, the box arrived on our doorstep today. I can NOT wait to go home and rip that baby open!

For those of you who want to TOTALLY stalk our wedding process, I am working on a website that tracks our projects. 

Stop by!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Learning Process....

R has been INCREDIBLY involved and willing to help out in every way with the wedding plans and design. It's been fun to do things together, especially since we are doing a lot of the work ourselves. His first project was to make a SIMPLE photo card box for the gift table for people to put cards in, like the one below (from the road to the aisle DIY website). I had seen these around and loved the idea so I asked him to make it.

His response: Can I make it light up? Or maybe even motorize it so it turns.

Sigh. Men.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ok so.....

I'm not TECHNICALLY engaged, but the commitment has been made to eachother , he's just waiting for "the moment" to surprise me with the ring....and we've set a date and the wedding planning has begun. Which means...this is probably going to turn into the wedding planning/venting blog. 

So far we have set the date (11/12/11), bought a cake topper, a monogram stamp and have narrowed down our church and reception choices to 2! I'll be posting my DIY projects and my ups and downs along the way so stay tuned if that is your sort of thing. If it's not then check back in a year when it will all be over!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I have never been so happy to be on solid ground as I was last night. Upon approaching the runway to land, our plane was struck by lightning and we had major turbulence and the cabin filled with a strange smell. We circled around the airport a few times so the "controls could re-set" and we finally landed safely. They closed the tarmac after that and we were unable to get our checked bags for awhile, but we didn't care AT ALL, we were just happy to be safe! Don't be annoyed at weather delays. They are SO for your own safety!

Thursday, October 07, 2010


I am off to Chicago this week for my sister's wedding! It's a mix of emotions..uncertainty at her choice/young age, impatience for my own impending engagement (we've ring shopped, we talk details, we talk date...but WHERE IS MY RING ALREADY??!), being able to see my family, and stress at the travel and obligation of it all.  THANKFULLY Weight Watchers (and spanx) helped me lose those extra pounds I had gained since my dress fitting and the dress fit perfectly today when I picked it up. 

Wish me luck!!!!