Monday, June 22, 2009

Learning to Ebb and Flow

I've been having that rare feeling the past few days that I've (excuse my language) got my shit together. I'm on top of things at work (thanks to my summer intern), have a good flow of freelance clients with projects well spaced out and have my meal planning down to a science, so much so that I've been bringing coffee, my breakfast AND my lunch to work every day.

I know the feeling is fleeting and that a few weeks from now I'll be eating dry cereal straight from the box for dinner because my meal plan went by the wayside and I'll be rooting through the laundry for the least offensive smelling pair of jeans, but I think I'm actually learning that it's ok to get behind on life sometimes. Nobody has it "together" 100% of the time, especially if they are trying to do it all alone. It's about balance. Some days I'm going to be on my meal plan and ok with sticking to it. Other times I'm going to give in to the pizza craving, even if it's not on that week's list, and that's ok.

It's called living life.

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