Monday, September 07, 2009

Week 1 - GAIN of . 6 (158.8)

So my great weight loss plan for the week, started out fabulously. I was keeping up with being more active and was eating healthy. Mid-week I was actually even down a pound!

Sadly, I was derailed by ONE box of soft pretzels. I ate the entire box (6 pretzels) in one day (yesterday) and it resulted in a gain for the week. I'm trying not to get myself down about it, but it's a hard lesson to grasp. I gain weight SO easily and am realizing that I can not slip up even a little if I want to lose weight. I think it's the expectation of perfection that ends up derailing me. My hope is that I find the balance sooner rather than later and the scale starts moving in the RIGHT direction.

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Cheeky said...

I will be your cheerleader.....