Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Learning Process....

R has been INCREDIBLY involved and willing to help out in every way with the wedding plans and design. It's been fun to do things together, especially since we are doing a lot of the work ourselves. His first project was to make a SIMPLE photo card box for the gift table for people to put cards in, like the one below (from the road to the aisle DIY website). I had seen these around and loved the idea so I asked him to make it.

His response: Can I make it light up? Or maybe even motorize it so it turns.

Sigh. Men.


SRH said...

Three cheers for totally supportive fiances, our wedding wouldn't have been nearly as cool if my boy hadn't been so proactive/creative.

I totally think R could do something light up and still classy! I think he could work with something like this: and just make it double walled so that the glow doesn't show off every card in the box. You could use led lights like they use in paper lanterns, or, wait till halloween is over and scoop up some glow sticks on sale! (am I not helping? I really think R's idea is cool :)).

Kai said... are SO not helping. LOL

I am hoping our wedding is super cool (at least to us) because of the DIY aspect. We really enjoy working on projects together so it's been fun.

Aside from the times he goes all "Tim Taylor from Home Improvement" on me.