Friday, December 31, 2010

What a Difference a Year Makes

Last Christmas I spent in a snowy Illinois, doing the same yearly traditions of the past 30 years. Christmas Eve dinner and church, opening presents with cocktails until we all passed out, then waking up on Christmas Day to open our stockings and santa presents (yes we still do this even though we are 24 and 31) and off to my Aunt and Uncles for Christmas Dinner. I didn't know then, it would be the last year for such tradition. 

This year was different. My sister got married this year. My uncle passed away unexpectedly. My parents left Illinois. I got a fiance! The old traditions were out and hopefully some new ones started.

This year my fiance and his mother were off to my parents new house in Arizona for the holidays. I got on the plane in NJ, it was 27 degrees. I got off the plane in Phoenix, it was 70! Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were spent in my parents pool! We still had Christmas Eve dinner, church and cocktail-opening present hour (some traditions just can NOT be replaced), in the backyard, but there was no Christmas Day dinner with the extended family. Santa still came despite there being no fireplace in the Arizona house (apparently an outdoor firepit suffices for him).

I'm thankful for MANY of the changes of this year. I still go to sleep every day wondering how I got so lucky to have found R, who makes it his daily priority to love and cherish me. I'm thankful that in her 13th year, my dog Ginger is still healthy and has her (brief) moments of playfulness. I'm happy I took a risk and changed jobs this year, getting me away from a toxic environment and in a new, more positive workplace. I bought a car, moved to New Jersey, got engaged, and though still battling the anxiety, made a lot of good strides and started being able to get out of the house more and do more things. 

A few things I could do without......severely cutting my hand while cooking Christmas Day dinner and nearly passing out. Gaining 25 pounds this year!! Getting MRSA/a staph infection...TWICE! and this whole 24" snow/blizzard thing I came home to!

I'm curious to see what 2011 will bring to us all! 

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Seeking Solace said...

What an exciting year it has been for you!!!