Monday, May 23, 2011

Brokeback Diamond

R and I recently went back to the jeweler who designed my engagement ring to choose a wedding band design. We settled on a lovely thin princess cut infinity band and placed our order. The jeweler then asked if I wanted him to clean and tighten up my engagement ring, so I handed it to him for a quick tune up. He immediately sits down and says, I hate to tell you this, but you broke a diamond.

I WHAT????

I have a 3 stone princess cut engagement ring and somehow one of the side stones got a crack on it inside. I had noticed it had turned cloudy, but I assumed it was just dirty. Apparently when you break a diamond, that's what happens, it doesn't necessarily chip, but it loses its clarity.  THANKFULLY my ring is 100% insured so we were able to get it fixed immediately. Unfortunately it means I have to be ring-less for a week. 

Anyone else have a traumatic wedding or engagement ring story to share?


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