Friday, December 10, 2004

Truly thoughts from a mind

It's the third day of having to walk home in the rain. I'm tired of my shoes squeaking as I walk down the hallway. I refuse to carry an umbrella any more. I would rather get wet and embrace the rain instead of hiding from it.

My weekends are boring and unbelievably predictable. Friday nights I go to the grocery store on my way home from work, Saturday I sleep in, only getting out of bed to get my routine mug of coffee. The rest of the day I alternate between productiveness and laziness. Cleaning and napping, writing and relaxing. Sunday mornings I do laundry, after the requisite carafe of coffee and Pop Tart. Routine is my only roommate.

I'll be home in exactly 14 days. I can't wait. It will be a welcome break from my usual pattern. I've always loved Christmas, next to my birthday it's my favorite holiday. As I age, I am sure it will take first place, for it has no stigma of wrinkles and hearing loss attached. I did all of my holiday shopping on-line this year and I regret it. It was necessary as I needed to have it all shipped back to Illinois, but I miss the experience of being present in a store. The decorations, the music....the aura of giving mixed with the chaos of obligation. The true spirit of the holiday season.

I'll spare you all for now, but I feel myself stumbling into a writing mood so this weekend may leave you with a lot to read. Enjoy it, hate it, it's entirely up to you.


Tony said...

Woohoo! Off the writer's block, eh? I don't miss the holiday shopping crowds at all. The last time I was at the mall on Christmas eve, a brawl broke out 2 feet away from me (serves me right for doing LAST minute shopping I guess). Happy (or unhappy in your case) writing, Kai! ;)

Daniel said...

that's kewl that ur spending xmas with ur family. i'm gonna be staying here in las vegas playing everquest2.