Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Unfairness of Love

I met a couple today who had gotten married after only knowing each other three months. It's a life I can't imagine. A love I can't imagine. It's a scary thought, thinking that I could meet someone tomorrow and be married by February. It's an amazing thing to me, to "know" so completely that you found love. Not only to know, but to leap in and embrace it fully as well.

I think I needed to be reminded that there is beauty in love. It's easy to remember being drained by it, being crushed by it, losing yourself in the pain. I don't always make the effort to think of the hapiness of having someone who cares unconditionally, someone to take care of, someone to take care of me. The feeling that washes over you when you heare someone say "I love you" to you for the first time. The feeling you have when you realize you can say it in return. I need to remember that it's ok if love changes everything. I need to not fear it anymore.

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