Saturday, September 08, 2007

What They Say is TOTALLY True...

I've heard the "oh you'll find a man when you aren't looking" SO many times, but I never really thought it was true.

Until last night that is.

After things with the Young One went South I had sworn off men. I made a conscious choice not to think, obsess or seek men out. In a bizarre confluence of events I ended up having drinks with a guy who is in town working on the U.S. Open. I went in with no expectations, didn't dress up or do my hair and generally just went in with the mentality of "I'm just going for 1 drink and to meet a new person". And it was fun! Good conversation, good laughs and plans to meet up again before he leaves. No stress, no pressure, no anxiety and no expectations. This is TOTALLY the way to go. He's texted me several times since last night and even called me in between matches today. Unfortunately he travels for work 35 weeks a year so there isn't any real chance of a relationship, but I'm actually ok with that. For 2 nights I got to go out, have fun and have good company. I learned that taking the pressure off myself and the situation is absolutely the way to go and hopefully my new zen attitude will pay off in the end and I'll find Mr. Right!

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