Monday, October 15, 2007

I really should be more grown up than this.....

I knew when I met Tennis Guy that he traveled extensively and that we would be apart for long stretches of time. The being apart part I can TOTALLY handle, it's the not being in contact part that's harder to accept. Practically I know that not hearing from him for 2 days is NOT something to worry about at all, especially since he's overseas and is working, but emotionally I feel like it doesn't take THAT much time to send a quick text message letting me know he's thinking about me. I can completely see going for periods of time without contact once things are established a little more and I have more security in our relationship, but so early in the game, it's hard not to assume that he's just lost interest. I know he is absolutely not the type to just disappear on women, he would definitely tell me if he didn't want to see me again, yet I still sit at work and worry he's "over me". I wonder if I'll ever grow out of my insecurities and stop being afraid that people are going to hurt me and/or leave me.

In other news: I won this week's football pool at work, so I have $50 extra dollars to blow this week, AND the books I ordered from Barnes and Noble that I thought got lost randomly showed up today.

What should I blow my $50 on? more books? a really good meal? put it on the bank? What would you do?


Girl said...

I say embrace the distance as a way to keep yourself from stifling the relationship in its early stages. That's one of the reasons why even though the dating arrangement TH and I had in the beginning of our relationship was difficult, it produced such a strong connection. There was no way I could over-stay my welcome...because he had to go.

Oh...and I say treat yourself to the first thing that comes to mind as you walk down the street tomorrow morning.

Kai said...

I spent my $50 on lunch for me and two of my coworkers. California Pizza Kitchen..YUM!

I was of course just being silly with Tennis guy....just as you said, for us the distance is good and forces us to go slow and build something lasting. I was just being a...sigh GIRL about it all.