Thursday, October 02, 2008

Aren't They Trained NOT to do that??

I'm walking through Grand Central this morning and see a couple of police officers with their drug/bomb whatever sniffing dogs (German Shepards). A few steps later I passed a woman carrying a TINY white dog. A few steps after that I heard LOUD repetitive barking from the big dogs. Either the woman was also packing a bomb and/or drugs or else the German Shepards need to go back to training school!

Can't take the dog out of the dog I guess!


ccw said...

When I was in the park the other day two dogs passed each other and one growled a little.

I kept walking down the path and saw the owner of the dog having a talk with his dog about the growling. It was so cute. I swear he sounded just like me telling one of the kids that they know better than to act that way.

Cheeky said...

Poor little doggie.......