Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Let's Play a Game Answers

Nobody got it right!!!

1. Every night I wake up at least twice to check my email. - Sadly this is true....sometimes I'm up MORE than twice. I'm not a good sleeper at all.

2. I have never done any illegal drugs and didn't drink before I was 21. - True!

3. I have issues with telling people I love them and say "I know" every time anyone tells me they love me. - Also true....I'm a commitment phobe to the 'enth degree...I'm working on it.

4. My favorite comfort food is this dish my parents make consisting of yellow mustard peach jam and soy hot dogs. - Also true! This was a recipie from my late grandmother (well she used REAL meat, not soy obviously) and it's a staple in our house. It sounds gross, but the sweet and sour nature of it all comes together into tasty goodness!

5. I once was seated on a plane next to Nate Berkus, Oprah's decorator. -True! It was bound to happen with all the times I fly between NY and Chicago

6. I was very nearly on a reality TV show but the show never aired. -A few years ago they were making one about work, but it never came to fruition (thankfully!)

7. I once stood up a blind date because I saw him through the window and he wasn't cute so I just left without going inside the restaurant. YOU GUYS!!! This one isn't true! I would NEVER do this to someone!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who guessed! This was fun!


Cheeky said...

Now see....I have said this before and I will say it crafty as I am I can't decorate at all....I would have soooooo been schmoooozing to get Nate to do it....LOL

ccw said...

You really wake up? Did you do this before e-mail was around?

While the last seemed mean it didn't seem improbable to me. Obviously you are nicer than some of my friends have been with blind dates.