Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Honorable Thing

Living in NYC I am not used to having a car and certainly not used to tolls/open tolling. I accidentally blew through a toll in the Ipass only lane while I was in Chicago this weekend. I felt bad about it and was freaking out they would hunt me down for the $0.80.

A friend mentioned that you can pay missed tolls online! I put my info in, paid my $ and got a confirmation #. No handcuffs!

I wonder how many people actually do this! Have you ever paid a missed toll online??

I love personal accountability!

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comebacknikki said...

Back before I got my I-Pass and during the horrible construction project, I accidentally missed a few tolls... I did end up paying for them, but it was because I was worried about getting a ticket, not that I felt bad. So yes, I paid, but my reason was far less honorable than yours. :)