Thursday, August 05, 2010

What's been going on...

The Boy and I have settled into a nice pattern of living together and have worked out most of our kinks. Our inherent differences in social nature will always be present, but we are learning to find a balance.
My photo business has slowed lately and I have desperately been trying to drum up new clients. I had a GREAT lead on a new client and they confirmed with me that I had the job, but then they disappeared and I haven't heard from them, so I'm kind of bummed. My day job has been presenting me with some...challenges (i.e., subpoenas, drama and other unbloggable things) and I am looking to exit by the end of the year if possible.
Med weaning has been....interesting. Lowering my dose made the anxiety come back more than I was comfortable with, but not on a daily basis, only in certain situations, so we are trying something new. I have a "situational" med that I take when I feel an attack coming on and we will continue weaning VERY slowly off the daily med. It's a good compromise I think so fingers crossed it works out for me.
Not much else to report really. Have been cooking a lot this summer and just adjusting to life with Boy. I kind of feel like summer flew by and I didn't have enough time to enjoy it, so I am hoping to spend these next few weekends just relaxing with no obligations. Wish me luck!

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