Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I've gained some major weight this year. Some of it is attributed to living with a boy with a mega-metabolism, some of it is from being sick most of January and February and some of it just plain laziness. It's time to grab the scale with both hands and get it together. I don't have a clear plan yet. I've been doing weight watchers for a few weeks and like it, but haven't had consistent results so it's hard to tell if its working. I've not been working out at all, but am slowly starting to schedule it into my days. I know keeping the motivation is my #1 problem, so I'm on the lookout for things that keep my goal fresh in my mind. If you have any tricks PLEASE do share!

My goal is to lose 46 pounds by November of next year. Ready. Set. GO!

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Cheeky said...

You can do it! In the last 11 months I have lost (are you ready for this) 90lbs! Yep 90lbs! So hard to admit that I was that heavy....but I was.

My biggest tip? EAT SLOW....amazing how little food can actually make you full. I still have trouble with eating fast and when I do I over eat.

Good Luck - you can do it!