Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I actually wear clothes

Maybe it's a sign of age, of my holding onto antiquated beliefs and morals, but what is with the clothing some girls/women are wearing these days?? Women of all sizes and shapes wearing TIGHT pants, tiny tops, underwear showing through transparent skirts.....maybe it's my Midwestern upbringing....maybe it's just my neighborhood....but it's unbelievable some of the outfits I see on the streets. I've been known to SWIM in more clothing than some of these women are wearing. I feel cloaked while wearing jeans and a t-shirt in comparison. I can't wait for winter to see how these "fashions" are adapted to the weather. I fully admit my approach to clothing for myself can be on the conservative side. I wear long pants in all seasons, refuse to wear sleeveless items....don't own a skirt above my knee, but this alternative extreme seems to be the norm nowadays.
I really just used the word nowadays. When did I turn 70? Worse, when did I turn into my grandmother? Someone pass the Polygrip, it's gonna be a long life.

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Daniel said...

heheeheh.....maybe it's time to raise the skirt height a little above the knee. ;)