Monday, August 21, 2006

Something I've never done before...

....well at least not since high school.

I got a LIBRARY CARD!! London took a toll on the finances, so my book buying habit is going to have to be curbed for awhile. Mostly though I got the card so I could borrow movies. I've been in a movie watching mood lately and this is a free way to rent to my hearts content!

Anyone got any good movie recommendations?


Vernetta said...

Crash is really good if you haven't seen it.

One of my all time favorites is Heathers.

Vernetta said...

Thought of more: Waking Ned Devine, Millions, and Snatch.

I've been reading your blog for a while, happened on it doing the next blog thing. I really like your photos and it has been interesting to read about the black out (as it was on the news here) and life in NYC.

Been thinking about movies because I finally got a date and he wants to see snakes on a plane. ugh. So many movies I'd rather watch, but finally a date...

Best, V

Kai said...

Hurrah! A lurker comes out of lurking! Welcome!

Thanks for the recommendations! I i did see Crash (which was a GREAT film), but I haven't seen any of the others and will definitely add them to my list.

Good luck on the date! I had a disasterous one last Sat night and I hope you fare better!