Sunday, February 10, 2008

Greetings from......


I'm out here for the Grammys and I am SO loving this weather. It was in the 30s I think when I left NY and 6 and a half hours later I was here and it was 79 degrees!

I've done this NY-LA flight before and the 6.5 hours is ROUGH. The first two hours I mess around on my computer until the battery dies. the second two, two and a half hours I watch tv shows on my iPod until that battery dies and then I'm left with another TWO hours with nothing to do! I tried reading, but I have trouble reading books on planes for some reason. I can only read 20 pages or so at a time before I get antsy.

At least I won't have that problem on the way home....I have the red-eye. Hopefully I'll be sleeping the entire time.

Sorry to everyone who is in a cold and snowy place! In a few days I'll be back suffering with you, but until then....pass the sunscreen!

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Seeking Solace said...

THe Grammys! Wow!!!! Hope you have a great time!!!