Friday, September 12, 2008

Less of a Person

There are 3 of us in my group at work and yesterday one of my group
members unexpectedly quit. The other remaining girl was asked to step
up and take on the job of the one who quit. When asked, she declined
saying she was getting married and needed to be home with her husband
and would not take on any additional work, which of course meant that
now the responsibilities will fall to me (for a variety of reasons
they don't want to replace the person leaving). I am incensed and
can't seem to get past it. Why is my time less valuable because I'm
single? I have another job and am taking classes right now, *I* also
need to be home, but don't have the "I have a husband" card to play.
Second jobs are HIGHLY looked down upon here, so I don't feel
comfortable sharing that information with my boss anyway. The whole
situation is terribly unfair. I've always been the one in my group to
shoulder the burden. I'm the ONLY one who comes to work on time. I
never leave for lunch, take personal calls at work or make
appointments during the day. I don't want the additional job
responsibilities, but quite frankly, I'm actually slightly offended it
wasn't offered to me. I know I'm a much better employee than my

The "getting married girl" only supports ONE person, I already have
two bosses and work significantly more than 40 hours a week. She comes
at least 15-30 minutes late daily and leaves exactly on time every
day. The new job would mean that she would take on one additional
person and it would even the playing field. Now, I will have 3 people
to report to and her just the one. All because I'm not married and
don't have a family.

I feel as though I'm being looked at as less of a person simply
because I'm not in a relationship. I fully acknowledge that I already
look at myself that way (and so does my mother) so I'm oversensitive
to the issue and took it personally when the woman declined to take on
additional work for "marriage" reasons, but I've long felt that I've
done MORE than my fair share of the work (and coincidentally am paid
less than the others, despite being here 4 times as long).

Why does being married mean you are better, and your time is more
valuable, than someone who is single?

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Anna May Won't said...

that is totally ridiculous - she can't take on extra work because she "needs to be home with her husband"? what is this, 1950? does she need to greet him at the door with a martini? unless her husband is an invalid, that's a completely lame excuse.

i think the corporate world *does* look down upon those who are single and/or without kids. i had a boss who constantly played the kids card, always going on about how much work it was. once while we were out, another coworker, who was pregnant, tried to cross against the light, and this boss said, "you can't do that now! you're going to be a mother!" as for the rest of us childless people, enh, who cares.

later this boss was fired. haha!

companies are so paranoid about being sued for discrimination, they cater towards certain populations. total BS.