Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Meme...cause it's been awhile.

I saw this over on Antique Mommy and figured it would be a decent way to fill my Saturday afternoon. Since I'm not going to the salon.

1. How long have you been blogging?

Since August of 2004. A friend had been talking about "this blog thing" and I had always written journals but always with pen and paper. I decided to jump on the bandwagon and go digital.

2. What are the good things blogging has brought to your life?

Blogging helps me get the negative thoughts out and helps me process life. It's brought wonderful friends and experiences to my life, I wouldn't have otherwise had.

3. What would you consider the pitfalls?

Fear of being "discovered". Certain situations in life need to be written about and emotions explored, but sometimes I censor myself out of fear of work finding my blog, or worse, my mother.

4. Tell us about your blog name. Ever think of changing it? If so, to what? Why?

I've never thought about changing my blog's simple and explains my blog perfectly. These are the thoughts from one mind in the world.

5. Knowing what you know now, was starting a blog a good thing for you? Why or why not?

Blogging has been good for me. It's my version of therapy sometimes, it's my support system and it makes laugh. All anyone wants from life is to not take the journey alone, and my blog definitely makes me feel less lonely on that path.

6. How do you think blogging, bloggers, or the blogosphere has changed since you started?

Definitely more people have blogs now and it's become it's own little social-sphere. It's like getting to sit with the hip kids at lunch.

8. Ultimately, what would you like your blog to accomplish for you or others?

For me, I'd like my blog to be about getting the thoughts and emotions of the day out and processed so that I can learn about myself and to heal from the past. For others, I'd like to hope that at least something I've said in the 4 previous years has resonated and made you examine pieces of your own life in a way that you might not have otherwise.

Who are you? Really?

1. Name something or a few things that bug you and expound. We want your unfettered opinion(s). Shouldn’t be blog related.

Bad customer service is a pet peeve of mine, as is close-mindedness. I also hate unfairness and intolerance.

2. Tell us about one of your best childhood memories.

My best memories are playing cards with my grandfather. Family card cames were (and still are) huge in my house and I love the moments when the extended family gets together for huge trash talking games.

3. Describe your perfect day.

A good morning kiss from an attractive man holding coffee and the paper....leisurely reading the paper in bed with said coffee and attractive man. Going for a walk through a park or walking some trails and then coming home and cooking a fabulous dinner that magically gets cleaned up on its own and finally sitting on the couch with a good movie and an even better glass of wine.

4. Do you have a hobby that you love?

Photography, though I guess that's now more of a business than a hobby. Can your business be your hobby? Aside from that, it's got to be reading. I read everything and anything and am famous for my collection of books.

5. Tell us the best and the worst thing about being you.

The best thing about me is my knowledge and way of thinking and processing things, the worst thing is my fierce independence. I'm at the point where it doesn't even occur to me to do things with other people, and forget asking for help ever. It's not in my vocabulary.

6. What’s the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you? We want all the details.

I tend to block out all humiliating events from my consciousness as soon as they are over. I suggest you try it.

7. What blog related thing bugs you?

Spam, mean commenters, when blogger eats my posts.

Personal stuff:

How old are you? 29
Married? No
Children? No

Favorite season? Fall
Favorite pass time? Laying in bed watching movies.

Favorite color? I'm not a fan of color, though I do love the many shades of Grey

Favorite movie? Ocean's 11
Favorite song? It changes weekly, this week it's I'm Not Over by Carolina Liar

Mac or PC? I actually like em both.
Dog or Cat? Dog
Salt or Pepper? Pepper

Vanilla or Chocolate? Organic dark chocolate....YUM

Diet Coke, Sweet Tea or Evian? Coke Zero or really good plain black iced tea

Steak, Chicken or Shrimp? I'm not a huge meat eater, but I can deal with chicken.

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I've always loved your blog. I had no idea that you've been blogging that long! Oh, and if your business is your hobby - you are in good shape! Thanks for playing along on the meme!