Monday, February 23, 2009

My favorite store

I arrived home from San Francisco this morning at 2am. Even though I had to be up 6 hours later for work, I wanted to relax a bit, so I scrolled through my Tivo to see if there was something I could watch while I was puttering around the house. I noticed it had recorded an Oprah episode on decluttering and organizing so I hit play.

Boy am I glad I did! It turns out that the Container Store has a 20% off coupon for everyone who saw that episode, available for download on their website. It's only good until March 1, so get it NOW!

I heart the container store and now I can heart it for 20% off!


ccw said...


Have oodles of bookcases from Ikea to put in the playroom and need tubs or something to put the toys in, must drop by the container store.

We just got one and I have yet to inside. Everyone loves this place so I fear I might become addicted to organizing my spaces.

Kai said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Container is totally addictive. Boxes and bins and buckets..OH MY!