Sunday, October 11, 2009

Misc. Updates

I've been a sporadic blogger lately and I'm hoping to change that! I miss you guys!!

- Therapy is still ongoing, but the more I go the more she pisses me off (and not in a good way). If I hear her say one more time "Well just go with that and stay with yourself" (which are the ONLY advice she has EVER given me) I just may go postal. Perhaps then I'd get more sage advice, but I suspect not.

- I chipped two bones in my arm doing something stupid. I used my left hand as a hammer to bang some pegs into some new furniture I was assembling and ended up breaking it! Not my finest moment.

- My Barcelona trip is coming up!!!!! I am beyond excited, but feel like I haven't prepared for it at all. I wanted to brush up on my Spanish and do some research on things to see, but I may just end up winging it. I kind of like the "wander a foreign country and see where it takes me" approach to travel.

- I've had an icky cold for the past few days, but thankfully drinking massive amounts of water and loading up on vitamin C prevented it from being TOO bad. I also spent a TON of time filling the sink with hot water and breathing in the steam which helped immensely. I must remember to buy a humidifier this winter. Vicks makes a germ free one that I've been meaning to get.

- Still doing's had it's ups and downs. Had one date with guy #1 that went AMAZINGLY. Probably one of the nicest/most romantic dates I've ever had.....and then never heard from the guy again. Met up with guy #2 a couple of times....but there doesn't seem to be any chemistry, despite the fact that he is SUPER smart and I like him intellectually a lot. We still email daily, so I think we'll end up being friends. Had a date with bachelor #3 last night that went super well. We got drinks, then dinner, then walked through the park a bit and chatted. He is super cute and didn't bat an eye at my broken arm/smokers voice from remnants of my cold. Unfortunately he lives 2 hours away though and I get the impression he is kind of out of my league (though that's probably just my low self esteem talking). He did text me the entire 2 hours it took him to get home we shall see. I definitely like him, but I know better than to get my hopes up after just one date!

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