Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Technology has Surpassed Me

Bachelor #3 is still in the running. We have another date planned for Saturday. Fingers crossed this one sticks around for awhile!

My very minor complaint is that he's an over-texter. I think he has a job where he pretty much sits in front of a computer all day and I get that, so do I, but he texts me. All. Day. Long. Even if I don't respond, he still texts. Part of it is that I'm not used to attention AT ALL, so any positive male vibes to me seem strange. The messages are nice, just checking up on me (in a nice way, not in a stalker or possessive way or anything like that) but I feel like why not pick up the phone and have a 10 minute conversation with someone instead of just TYPING. My sister is an over-texter too so maybe it's just one of those newtechnology age things coupled with the fact that I've never really had a bf before so I am not properly schooled in the partnership/having someone care concepts of it all.

Also, he gets a free pass. He brought me REALLY good chocolate on our first date.


ccw said...

I have a friend that does this and it drives me.frickin'.crazy. I'm with you - if there is that much to say pick up the phone and get it off your chest. I butcher the English language a lot via my phone but no one could accuse me of being stalkerish.

Despite his texting addiction, I'm happy to hear that things are looking good. I hope everything goes smoothly on Saturday?

Oh, does he text when he's with you?

Kai said...

Nope. He doesn't even look at his phone when we are out! Amazing.

Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...
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