Monday, January 18, 2010

Apparently 11 months of therapy isn't quite enough

My Boy went away on a trip and I haven't heard from him in 3 days.

Leading up to this trip, things were amazing. We SO were that annoying couple you see in restaurants feeding eachother, holding hands and ignoring the world around them. He even apologized for not being able to take me on the trip with him (it was a ski trip he'd had planned with a bunch of friends for months). We texted the day he left, I wished him a safe trip and off he went.


A NORMAL girl would have hung out with friends, caught up on email, maybe did some shopping and NOT OBSESSED that she had been dumped. I, sadly have convinced myself he is breaking up with me and have moped around my house now for 2 days. I wish I could stop this crazy thinking and be rational. My therapist is always encouraging me to think in facts not fantasy.


- I am an excellent catch and it would be his loss if he chooses to end things.

- While 3 days with no contact is unusual, it does NOT necessarily mean he is done with me. Yes, 98% of men break up with women by simply choosing to ignore them, but that does not mean he is doing this and his personality/behavior in the past has indicated that he is not the kind of person that would do that.

If I was a normal, healthy person I would realize that he's out enjoying himself and has every intention of seeing me when he gets back, just as he said. But instead I worry, obsess and grieve for a loss that hasn't even happened.

I'm definitely going to get my money's worth out of therapy this week. Sigh.

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