Thursday, January 28, 2010

You Can't Have It All

As far as 2010 goals go, I feel 100% on track with being more active and healthier. The therapy/meds are working and I'm finally at a manageable place with anxiety. I'm in a relationship and overall having a much happier years.

Except that my January spending has been OUT.OF.CONTROL. In the past month I bought:

A wii - $199.00
Wii Active - $59.99
Wii Fit - $99.99
2 other Wii games $60
a new purse $178.00
5 shirts at Victorias Secret $140.00
4 new pairs of shoes $200.00
New PJs $90.00
2 movies $35.00

Um WHAT WAS I THINKING???I spent over a THOUSAND DOLLARS in 28 days! Granted half of that was on the Wii, which I have used every single day for working out, but the other "stuff" was just spontaneous purchases out of boredom at work or just to feel "good" about myself.

I feel so good I've made some great changes to my life recently, but then feel SO BAD about the spending. I am renewing my goal as of February 1 and have been working on creating a reasonable budget for myself. I feel like I have SO many aspects of my life together now..why is this last one such a sticking point for me???


SRH said...

I'm probably a terrible person to comment, what with knowing you two blogs removed and with being so amazingly messed up myself, but I think that until we die,there's always something we're working on, that's part of life.

Also, as a Christian, I try to give everything to God, he's better at handling everything anyway, what with being God and all. Invariably, one little part of my life is still messed up, and I get angry and yell at God about it who's pretty good at pointing out, yeah, that corner, the one I'm so upset about, that's the corner I kept to manage myself, I didn't give that one up. It would be great if that were a lesson I learned once, instead, it's been one I've had to face repeatedly.

So yeah, I'm going with the it's totally human to have nine out of ten things moving in the right direction and get complacent in that tenth.

You sound like you're doing great, in a lot of areas, focus on that too when you move forward to tackle your tenth. . .

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