Thursday, April 01, 2010


I have a suspicious red spot on my leg....its not looking good. I put every single antibiotic cream, spray, salve and cleaner I had on it, bandaged it and am keeping my fingers crossed, but I'm worried it's going to turn into something ugly.

With all my health issues lately I thought it prudent to get a physical (its been um...a decade I think since I had one), but of course the next available appointment isn't until the end of May. Plenty of time for my doctor phobia to kick into overdrive and drive me INSANE with worry. Terrific.

Sorry about all the whining here lately....maybe someday my blog will stop sounding like the dining hall of a nursing home where everyone discusses their various ailments.


Seeking Solace said...

I think given the staff infection of late, you should tell them you need to have that spot looked at.

Can you go to one of those Urgent Care clinics?

Sarah said...

I haven't had a physical in almost as long. I got rather sick back in early feb and my co-workers forced me to find a doctor and make an appt. While there the doctor insisted I come back for a physical, I made my appt two months later. . . Now I'm going on Monday. I totally feel your pain on doctor phobia. I want to back out!