Thursday, February 24, 2011

Taxes Fail

I've always done my taxes on my own. Old school style: pencil, forms and calculator. I loathed the idea of paying someone to do something I could figure out on my own (my taxes have always been ridiculously straightforward, no deductions or anything). Last year I changed jobs and changed states and it's just been too hard to figure out, so today I sucked it up and dropped my papers off at H&R Block. I stupidly feel a sense of failure/defeat and am annoyed they don't make it so a normal person can figure this stuff out! I even tried doing it in Turbo Tax but couldn't figure it out. Ah well, it's my one solace that this year is the LAST YEAR I'll be filing on my own. Next year I'll be a married girl and taxes fall under R's domain! 

Speaking of R's domain....we had a possum fall into our backyard garbage can and get stuck! Apparently he was a happy camper in there because even when R tipped the can over so he could run out, he stayed in there! R tapped on the can, turned it all the way over even tried putting food in front of the can, but that little guy would NOT come out! Finally he wandered out without a care in the world and kind of looked at us like "what?". He didn't even run away or anything! The nerve!

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angela said...

i have been using H&R Block for years! although like you my taxes are straight-forward. but their fee is worth it to me to get a possible bigger refund, and to avoid the headache, confusion, and stress of trying to do taxes on my own.