Monday, February 14, 2011


I finally was able to hit the gym again post-MRSA flare and BOY am I sore! Mostly just in the arms, but I discovered an ab machine I like and while at the time it seems easy! What a nice way to stretch my back! The day after is BRUTAL. 

Wedding plans continue though I'm at a  lovely time right now where I've done everything that NEEDS to be done before 9 months out, plus caught up on some of the other misc. things that need to be done, so I have nothing to stress out about getting done and nothing really looming for awhile that NEEDS immediate attention so I've just been relaxing and not really thinking too much about it. I think they key to non-stress planning for me is going to be to do a big chunk, then take a break,enjoy just being with Raf and spending time together, then do a chunk, relax and reconnect. 

Our superbowl/engagement party was SO much fun. None of us cared too much about the game (sorry SeekingSolace!) so it was pretty relaxed. I made some GOOD food (homemade (turkey) bagel dogs...YUM FREAKING YUM), a veggie stocked pasta salad, wings and everyone ate drank and had a good time. 

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