Tuesday, February 08, 2011

A month

It's been over a month since I last wrote. How can that be?!

Let's do a bit of a catchup. Wedding plans are in full swing....I can not believe how much time and research it takes! Thankfully Raf is 100% involved and helps out a ton or else I think elopement would have to be under advisement. We also hired a "wedding weekend" coordinator who will help with a lot of the last minute stuff, as well as the rehearsal dinner and day after brunch. 

There are still times when I can't believe I'm getting married. I do my taxes and think "woah this is the last year I'm checking the "single" box". I 100% love him and know in my heart this is who I am supposed to be with, but I honestly still struggle sometimes with relinquishing my independence and selfishness. I was comfortable in my come and go as I please, travel to my hearts content and leave dishes in the sink if I wanted to life and the difference now is jarring. I am still finding the balance of self vs. "wife", but I think to some extent no matter what roles people have, there is always a tug of war between them and an ever tilting scale. 

In other news I had another staph/MRSA flare and I'm still recovering from that. I hadn't had one in almost a year so it was frustrating for it to pop up again. Hopefully I can keep it at bay for awhile. I had joined a gym and was pretty good about going 3 times a week, but got derailed when I got sick. I think I can start up again in another week or so. 

I have been a cooking disaster lately. I keep burning nearly everything I make and my cooking confidence has taken quite a hit. Our oven is fairly new, so I don't think it's a problem with the unit, but it seems like EVERY thing I make burns on the outside while still being raw on the inside. VERY frustrating. I may try cleaning our oven...it could use a good scrub. Maybe that will help. 

The new job is going well. It's still strange to be in an office of only 6 people, but it's definitely less stress than where I was previously and a MUCH more positive environment. It was definitely a good move on my part despite the slight paycut. 

Hope you guys have all been well!!!! I've missed you!

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Cheeky said...

Well you are doing better than me girl - its been since October - but I did update today.

Now I am off to catch up with you!