Sunday, August 22, 2004

Random weekend thoughts

I'm afraid of everything. When is it that we learn fear? How does one be curious and afraid at the same time. I truly am a woman of contradiction.

I'm afraid of fear.

To me love and loss are the same emotion, the same internal result.

A quote I heard at a party this weekend:
"'s a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling"
Now that's a thought that will fester for awhile

I think and feel things deeply. After many years of knowing this about myself I'm finally starting to accept that as the beautiful part of myself.
I just wish it wasn't so hard to convince others.

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Henry Chung said...

Hi Kai,

Just came across your blog from There's a somber feel to your writing, but I like it. Feel free to check out my blog at Hope to see you on the forum sometimes.