Sunday, January 01, 2006


This year I look into 2006 with feelings of trepidation. 2005 showed us a year of chaos, destruction and of great loss. I find myself not looking to 2006 to be a year of major advances or grand possibility, but instead I look for it to be the year of recovery.

Still recouping the losses of the late 2004 Tsunami, the losses of 2005 were just as devastating and came in many forms. We lost pieces of history with the destruction of New Orleans and the passing of a civil rights icon, a major news anchor, a Supreme Court Justice and the Pope. The war in Iraq claimed 2,161 lives, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita 1,383, the London bombings 37.

NYC had yet another year of chaos. Transit workers walked off the job and left millions (myself included) without their usual method of commute. As per usual, we overcame by whatever means necessary, we carpooled, we walked (7 miles in 20 degree weather across the 59th Street Bridge). We brought back the art of hitch hiking.

My own circle of loved ones had a year of major life shifts including two marriages, a cross-country move and a beautiful new baby. My own life contained a cross-borough move and end of a relationship.

All in all for me it was a year that taught the importance of giving. Whether it be of my self, my time or my money, giving to those less fortunate is an important lesson to remember, not just post destructive events, but for those who have been born into a life without basic human needs and means.

I look at 2006 as a year for myself. To work on myself and become closer to the person I want to be. I’m letting go of love and relationships for the year and declaring it the year to be single and remain focused on becoming a richer person not for someone else, but for my self.

2006 will definitely be the year of recovery. For me I will reclaim my sense of self, for some they will reclaim their jobs and homes and still other will reclaim their lives after losses of many different forms.

Happy New Year. May the upcoming 365 days fulfill some wishes, create new desires and bring much happiness to all.

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