Monday, January 23, 2006

Caryn's post regarding songs that spur memories has gotten me thinking about my own soundtrack of life. My earliest music memory is Peter, Paul and Mary's "Right Field" (that may not be the exact title). It's this song about a boy relegated to playing right field during a baseball game and how boring he thinks it is ("....I'm here in right field just watching the dandelions grow") I always thought it was funny and as I was playing softball at the time and hated playing outfield I could definitely commiserate. High school was my angst rock phase, so anything Nirvana or Stone Temple Pilots makes me laugh in remembrance of my former self. My first "love" if you can even call it that now in high school and I also danced to Chicago's "You're the Inspiration" so that song still and forever will tug at my heartstrings. College and post-college definitely have the most diverse playlists...No matter where I am, if I hear Dave Matthews Band I always think of Curt. I'll never forget our "date" at the lake, lying in the sun in the grass in eachothers arms, watching the ducks. It's been years since I talked to him, but DMB always takes me back. Working in the Events department at KCPA brought a whole new genre in the mix. I cringe at the sound of a Cassandra Wilson song remembering the terror of my experience with her. The LA Guitar Quartet spawns sweeter memories, as does Beethoven's String Quartets. And of course whenever I hear the ending song that was played during The Colored Museum a whole flood of memories both good and bad come back.

I work at a record label now, and I'm sure in years to come, the songs I hear on a daily basis will bring about memories of my years here. It's an interesting thought, knowing that what you hear today will be your memory of tomorrow.


seasons of the heart said...

and I can't stop thinking of more... we had a whole bunch of classical/vocal jazz etc in college didn't we?? I always think of Aaron when I hear Weezer too.

seasons of the heart said...

and Chris with his Britney Spears and Mambo #5!!