Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Class #1

I signed up for a series of photography classes recently. I had my first class in Photoshop last night and it went well. I didn't realize how much I actually learned until I got home and started playing around with it myself. I'm glad I took really good notes. My next class is Sunday and that one is on digital photography and camera settings.

Even though I learned a lot and liked my instructor, I couldn't stand my classmates! There was a group of people from a company who wanted to learn how to do very specific/advanced things (so advanced my instructor didn't even know how to do them!) and it was an INTRO course. When my instructor tried to move on with class (nicely telling them she would look up the information on how to do what they wanted and email it to them after class) one of them got VERY rude and abrasive. Finally the British woman next to me asked a diversionary question and we got back on track. Hopefully the people in my Sunday class will be nicer and more in keeping with the course level.

It definitely feels nice to cross something on my life to-do list off! Photoshop knowledge, CHECK!

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Cheeky said...

way to go! I am thinking of taking html classes...I think it would be fun to really know what I am doing instead of guessing and trial and error.....LOL