Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring! and Earthquakes

It's a gorgeous day out (I've heard anyway...I'm stuck inside at work) and New York as a whole seems to be in a better mood. The winter blahs have left and people are out celebrating. It's a sea of tank tops and flip flops outside and I hope to escape for a bit during my brief lunch break to see the sun for myself.

This cold is really kicking me in the butt. I will most likely be spending my weekend in bed trying to sleep it off which sucks. It's the first warm weekend we've had in months and I'm going to miss it!! Grrrr.

In unrelated news, there was an earthquake in IL this morning!!! Scary! Family over there is fine, aside from some broken items, but I'm not sure the dog will get over it...Explaining seismic activity to an Irish Setter is not an easy task.

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