Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Things I want to accomplish before I die - UPDATED

It's time to update my life to do list! I can actually cross some things off!!!

Have a dog
Own a car
Experience love
Own my own home
Learn another language
Lose 30 lbs
Eat dinner in a restaurant alone
Redecorate my bedroom
Do a mosaic with the glassware I got when my grandmother died
Sell one of my photographs
Bake bread from scratch not using a breadmaker
Learn Photoshop
Learn to rollerblade/ice-skate backwards
Keep a wine journal
Learn how to start a fire in a fireplace
Eat a fancy meal that costs more than $150
Live in New York

Places to Visit:
New Mexico (twice)
Toronto (want to go again)
Paris – going in March 2009
New Zealand

Morocco – going in October 2008

Los Angeles (twice)




Washington DC

Rhode Island

1 comment:

ccw said...

A very good list. I like that there are many things on your list that can be accomplished.