Thursday, July 17, 2008

I interrupt this moment....

I'm still in my "moment" but I wanted to share a funny story from work today:

I have one MAJOR pet peeve and that is fingerprints or marks on my computer screen. If anyone comes anywhere near my screen with a finger or pen, I have minor convulsions and have (embarrassingly) been known to bat the President of my company's hand away when it gets too close to the screen when he is pointing out errors in documents to me. Needless to say, I NEVER touch my own screen.

Today I needed to make a personal phone call at work in private. Having forgotten my Blackberry at home, a co-worker said I could borrow her phone and handed it to me. I was in such a rush to get downstairs to make my call, that I didn't look at it.

I get outside and take the phone out of its case to dial and I realize she gave me an keys or buttons, just a touchscreen.


I made multiple attempts, but I just could NOT bring myself to touch the screen to use it. Luckily I bumped into another coworker who was heading out to run an errand and borrowed his phone.

Guess I can cross iPhone off my Christmas list.


Tally-wa said...

A pen, that doesn't really happen? Does it?

Cheeky said...

Bwahahaha.....and I thought I was the only one that didn't like finger prints on screens

ccw said...

That's funny! Did the iPhone owner know you did not use the phone b/c you couldn't bring yourself to touch the screen?

jane - mom generations said...

You are so funny! I hate when people touch my screen, too. But as hard as I try to avoid it, my screen always gets dirty. I've never had the opportunity to use an iPhone. I love my BlackBerry!


Kai said...

Tally-wa: Yes! Sometimes when people go to point out something on the screen they use their pen! Drives. Me. NUTS!

Cheeky: Nope, I'm right there with you. Seriously my BIGGEST pet peeve..and I have a few!

CCW: haha yeah I told my friend with the phone I couldn't use it and she was CRACKING up at me. She now tells the story to all her iphone owning friends. Great. :-)

Jane: I am SO with you on the blackberry thing. LOVE love love it!