Wednesday, July 30, 2008

100 Things...2 years later....

Someone recently left me a comment on my 100 things post and I found myself re-reading it. It's funny how 2 years and 2 months later so much of it has changed and how much is no longer true! Here's an update for you!!

1. I love dark chocolate covered strawberries. - Still very VERY true.
2. I am an extremely picky eater, there are very few things I will eat. - MUCH less true. Even though I still don't eat most meat, I've really broadened my diet considerably.
3. I bought my first purse at the age of 26. - Still true!
4. I broke a rib once falling off a chair I was standing on trying to get a book off a bookshelf in my parents' library. - Still true!
5. I can't live without post-it flags. - Still true! I love these things!
6. I never wear make-up, but my toenails are always painted red. - Still mostly true, right now they are more of a deep plum.
7. I hate flying during daylight and try only to fly late at night. - Still mostly true. I'll fly any time of the day or night, but if I choice, I still prefer flying at night.
8. I went to two different high schools and will never forgive my dad for moving me during those years. - Still true! SO SO true.
9. I am a white girl who thinks Asian men are HOT. - Still true!
10. I have never in my 27 years had anyone ever call me their girlfriend. - Not true Eharmony boy has referred to me as his girlfriend before.
11. I don't understand the "high" people say they get when they work out. Working out doesn't make me "high" it makes me hungry. - Still true!
12. It bums me out when people don't notice when I get new glasses. - Still true!
13. I get new glasses at least twice a year. - Still true!
14. Taking photographs is the only thing I've ever felt good at. - Still true!
15. I love the Food Network, even though I can't cook anything. - Not true at all. I'm an excellent cook now and make almost everything I eat from scratch.
16. I've seriously considered hiring someone to cook dinner for me so I don't have to eat out 7 days a week. - See above.
17. I have a huge crush on Anderson Cooper. - Still SO SO very true!
18. I make a huge deal out of my birthday and like it when other people do too. - Still true, but I think once my next birthday rolls around, it will be less true.
19. I went through my college graduation ceremony, even though I didn't technically graduate until two years later. - Still true!
20. I've had the same bathing suit since I was 16...and I've only worn it a handful of times. - Recent trips to tropical locations have rendered this untrue. I now own 3 NEW suits.
21. I like swimming but hate having to be that naked in public. - Still true!
22. I have a 401k, but have no idea what it is or how to get my money. - Still sort of true. I know what it is and contribute to it, but have no idea how to get my money.
23. I am deathly afraid of needles. - Still true!
24. Massages make me tense and I hate both giving and getting them - Still true!
25. Sometimes I eat pizza 4 days a week. - Not true, but I do eat it once a week still, but now it's made from scratch by me.
26. I've never called in sick because I was actually sick. - Still true!
27. I can't live without caller ID - Still true!
28. I refuse to buy anything from because I think their "prime" program is elitist. I shouldn't have to be in a special club to get my stuff on time. - Still true!
29. I can't stand people who use "street talk". - Still true!
30. But I use the phrase "true that" way too often. - I don't really say this anymore actually.
31. Doctors scare me and I almost never go voluntarily. - Still true!
32. I don't handle disappointment well. - Still true!
33. I can function perfectly on no sleep for several days. - Still true!
34. I eat ice cream with a fork - Still true!
35. I've never played air hockey - Still true!
36. My grandfather taught me how to play cards and I almost never lose. - Still true!
37. Boys won't play cards with me because of it. - Still true!
38. I never answer the doorbell, even if I'm home (unless I'm expecting someone). - Still true!
39. I'm a neat freak, but I almost never make my bed. - Still true!
40. I hate sleeping alone. - Still true, but it's gotten easier.
41. Stupid-funny movies irritate me (anything with Jim Carey/Adam Sandler etc.) - Still true!
42. I hate staying in hotels. - Still partly true.
43. I keep my apartment very dark, I always have to remember to turn lights on when people come over. - Still true!
44. I hate carrying an umbrella, I would rather just get wet. - Still true!
45. Crooked pictures drive me crazy. I go around various restaurants, people's homes, libraries etc. straightening them. - Still true!
46. My wisdom teeth were supposed to be taken out 10 years ago, but I chickened out and just deal with the pain of teething. - I had them out successfully!
47. I went to my senior prom with some guy I met at Taco Bell. - Still true!
48. I will never set foot in another Taco Bell - Still true!
49. The only perfume I will wear is Romance by Ralph Lauren - Still true!
50. Gerber Daisies are my favorite flower. - Still true!
51. I've never gotten flowers from anyone...ever. - Still true!
52. I always read the sections of the paper in a specific order. If someone else is reading my next section, I wait. - Still true!
53. I get anxious if I don't know what time it is. - Still true!
54. It only takes me 15 minutes to get ready for work in the morning. - Still true!
55. I have "empty box syndrome". I almost always keep the box that things come in, so I have it when I move. - Still true!
56. I moved 6 times in my childhood. - Still true!
57. I have the same thing for breakfast almost every morning - Poptarts. - Not true at all. I have a bagel with peanut butter or I splurge on raspberry scone from Starbucks
58. In my lifetime I've had 3 dogs (only one at a time), Moon, Anton and Ginger. - Still true!
59. When I was in First Grade, my cousin used to drive me to school everyday in his Mustang. - Still true!
60. that was the last time I was ever "cool" - Still true!
61. That cousin and I have the same birth date May 13. - Still true!
62. I loathe Fox news and won't even be in the same room if it's on. - Still true!
63. I own over 300 books, and I've read all but 2 - Still true, though I'm pretty sure the number is closer to 500 now...
64. I read the White House press briefing transcripts...because I think they are funny. - Don't read them anymore. I miss Scott McClellan
65. I hate wearing shorts and don't even own a pair. - Still true!
66. All the keys on my keyring have to face the same direction. - Still true!
67. I do my taxes by hand, I'm too cheap to even use Turbo Tax. - Still true!
68. I refuse to ride the bus. - Still true!
69. All but 2 photographs up in my apartment, I took. - Still true!
70. I never tell people who come over that I took them. - I tell most people now.
71. Sometimes I type too fast for my computer and it takes a second for it to catch up. - Still true!
72. I love my label maker, everything in my house is obsessively labeled. - Still true!
73. If I could eat only one food for the rest of my life it would be tiramisu. - Still true!
74. I love putting the little check mark next to my completed tasks in Outlook. - Still true!
75. I own lots of beautiful jewelry, but never wear any of it because I hate looking "accessorized". - Still true!
76. The only thing I miss (aside from my friends) about living in the Midwest is central air conditioning . - Still true!
77. I am incapable of flirting. I once used a Lord of the Flies reference as a pick-up line. It didn't go over very well. - Still true!
78. I won't read certain books/magazines on the train because I don't want people to think I'm vacuous. - Still true!
79. I hate it when people use dinner and diner incorrectly in writing. - Still true!
80. I've only worked at two places my entire life. - Still true!
81. I am excellent at holding a grudge. - Still true!
82. I didn't vote for the first time until the 2004 election. - Still true!
83. My screen name (kaibigan) means friend in Tagalog. - Still true!
84. I hate shaking hands with people. - Still true!
85. My refrigerator contains nothing but Diet Dr. Pepper, ketchup and a jar of pickles. - Not true at all! I have all kinds of healthy foods in there now!
86. I don't have a take-out menu drawer, I have a take-out menu binder, separated into sections by cuisine type with each section in alphabetical order. - Still true!
87. I can't go anywhere without chapstick. - Still true!
88. People who automatically know where North/South/East/West are without using a compass intimidate me. - Still true!
89. I love a good snowball fight. - Still true!
90. Even though I don't use AOL anymore, I still pay for it. - Not true! I finally canceled it!
91. I like Pepsi better than Coke - Still true!
92. My favorite song is Winter by Tori Amos. - No longer true...I have many favorites now.
93. Ironing is very cathartic for me. - Still true!
94. My handwriting is all capital letters, a carryover from my days as a draftsperson. - Still true!
95. I absolutely hate having my picture taken. - Still true!
96. 6 months after getting my driver's license I backed into a friends car while she was in the passenger's seat next to me. The insurance company laughed at me. hard. - Still true!
97. I won't buy holidays versions of my favorite candy (with the exception of York peppermint "batties" at Halloween) because I don't like cutesy food. - Still true!
98. I couldn't swallow pills until I was 16. - Still true!
99. I thought I was a boring person until I filled this out. - Not true. I'm facinating! LOL
100. Thinking of 100 things about myself took me 4 days.

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