Saturday, April 04, 2009

Meal Plan!

I'm still on track with my meal plan and have noticed a HUGE change in my grocery bills lately. The past month I spent HALF of what I normally do. I'm really quite proud of my new found saver skills!

On the menu for this week:
Pasta with home made sauce (a repeat from last week, but I'm trying to rid my freezer of all this sauce I have stored up!)
Soy links & cous cous (never made it last week)
Apple & Cheddar Turkey Meatballs and Cream Cheese & Sour Cream smashed potatoes (so not healthy, but looked too good to pass up)
Blueberry pancakes (I've got a ton of frozen blueberries I'm trying to use up)

and as a special treat, Raspberry scones (also have a ton of raspberries I'm trying to use)...not to mention I am ADDICTED to the ones at Starbucks and am hoping to re-create them at home.


Susan said...

If you are into meal planning, you should checkout

Cheeky said...

Wanna come cook for me?

ccw said...

It all sounds very good. I need to get back in to planning meals because it really does save money and extra trips to the store to get this or that.