Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Meal Planning is BACK

I'm back to my meal plan regime! I've been researching recipes all day and am excited about trying to get back into the kitchen!

Tuesday: Lunch: Leftover CPK from a work lunch yesterday, dinner: lime chicken and mustard potatoes (both new recipes I'm trying out, I'll post the recipes if they turn out well!) EDIT: I tried them both and YUM! You must must must try the lime chicken....it was GREAT. Though I wouldn't make the mustard potatoes along side this particular chicken recipe again, I would absolutely make them again in the fall as a side to turkey meatloaf or something. Both are going into my recipe file,

Wednesday: lunch: leftover lime chicken, dinner: quesadillas

Thursday: lunch: chicken parm lean cuisine, dinner: turkey burger with leftover potatoes (if there are any!)

Friday: lunch: homemade pizza hot pocket, dinner: quesadillas

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