Friday, July 17, 2009

A step back

I ended up telling Traveler Guy I needed a few days to step back and regroup and that if was still interested in hanging out when he gets back from his trip this weekend to give me a call. I feel good about how I left it and hopefully I can sort my feelings out a bit in the meantime and get myself back into a healthier mindframe.

In other news:

I have another mouse (who I have now named Beatrice) . We've been cohabitating for a few weeks now (meaning I stay out of all areas I see her in) until she woke me at 4:30am a few nights ago by scratching on something near the floor by my BED. I turned the light on and managed to scare her into walking into one of those glue traps. I put a box over her and called my friend to help me extricate her. Unfortunately in the extrication process she managed to get loose again, so I'm back at square 1. Sigh. I need her OUT and I fear now there is no way I'll ever catch her. Right now I have her (I think) shut in my bedroom, so I'm camping on my couch. I MISS MY BED!

1 comment:

Swistle said...

Perhaps Beatrice will be a pleasant roommate, once you get used to each other. A mouse named Beatrice SOUNDS so appealing.