Friday, May 07, 2010

I'm Happy...Really, but Moving SUCKS

I'm excited about my upcoming move, really I am, so allow me the indulgence of whining about it for a post.

Moving. Sucks.

When the Boy and I agreed to live together, it was all roses and excitement about upcoming trips to Ikea and the Container Store and romantic picnics in the yard. Fast Forward to now:

Packing, organizing, changing prescriptions across state lines, getting a NJ drivers license, needing proof of address when you don't have a lease or utility bill, changing magazine subscriptions to the wrong new address and having to change them AGAIN and oh did I mention the packing?

Also the telling of my parents, which will require a whole post of its know, when I actually get up the courage to you it.


angela said...

aw man i've been there! but i was only moving from one part of manhattan to another so i could move my stuff in small installments.

and telling the parents is tough! surprisingly they didn't flip out - though i said i was moving in with my BF after i had already moved in. ;)

Seeking Solace said...

Yes, moving sucks. I'll be doing it soon too. :)

Wait until after you move in with the Boy to tell your parents. It's a done deal then. Besides, you are an adult. They will need to deal with it.

Cheeky said...

YEAH on moving - yes it sucks (I am in the middle of doing it now too).

Don't forget to send me your new address so I can continue to send cards....that is ...if you want me to :)

my email is: