Wednesday, May 12, 2010


After TWICE paying off my debt, I find myself in an uncomfortable hole again. NOT the place I want to be before buying a car. I have overindulged and to be honest, I'm not even sure where the money I spent went. I know about 1/3 went to my sister's party and plane tickets home (money I was MORE than happy to spend), but as for the rest....I have NO idea.

My rent will go down this summer once I start living with the Boy, and I've started clipping coupons, which I have never done before. My goal is to get my debt down to half of what it is now before I purchase a car. I KNOW I need to find a good cash system that works for me, but I feel uncomfortable carrying large-ish amounts in my purse at one time. I've NEVER used my ATM card as a debit card, but I'm thinking that may be a good place to start. I will use my debit card for groceries and necessities and cash for anything entertainment/fun-related. I have a specific amount set aside each month for "non-necessities" which if I carry that in cash will limit my overindulgence in that area.

I'm disappointed in myself for getting out of control (again) but at least I have a plan.

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