Monday, May 29, 2006

Back from Chicago. I ended up having a fantastic weekend. I'm actually kind of bummed to be home. Hung out with my friend Erik and his husband Tom on Saturday which was cool. They told me they are moving to LA though and I'm crushed! I'll definitely miss them. Erik and I ended up taking his puppy to the park and had so much fun reminicing and playing with the dog. I realize how little time I spend outside here in NY. I rarely go to the park or even take a walk in my neighborhood. I've become such an indoors girl. Saturday night I spent with Chicago boy.....he came out of hiding and we had a really great time together, laughing and talking and joking around/giving eachother a hard time. It was so nice. Sometimes I can't tell if I make up in my head the thought that he likes me, or if I make up in my head the thought that he DOESN'T like me. lol

Now I'm back at home with the day off. I LOVE random weekdays off. I can stay in my pjs all day, watch bad talk shows and eat whatever I want. What a great weekend.

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