Thursday, May 04, 2006

Drive Through Dating

It seems that recently my friends (and myself) have been victims of what I call drive-through dating (or in the really bad cases, drive-by dating) . Let me explain: You meet someone through various channels (online, the subway, through a friend of a friend etc.), you go out once, it's great you have a good time, he calls again in a respectable amount of time and you make plans to go out again. You go on said second date, it's fabulous, you're laughing, cracking jokes, holding hands and at the end of the night he gives you a knock you off your feet good night kiss. And then you never hear from him again. What's the deal?? For a few days you think he's busy at work and his email connection at home is down or he lost his cellphone and doesn't have your number. A few more days go by and you think hmm did he get in an accident in the cab on the way home? Did he get shot in my shady NYC neighborhood? And then it comes to you, he's just not that into you. He liked the attention for a couple of days, liked that he had some cute chick on his arm on a Friday night so the bartender at his regular date spot doesn't think he's going through a dry spell, but in the end he realized that a night out with you was no more enjoyable than sitting on his couch with a beer watching Sportscenter. I just can't compare to a big screen TV and a case of Corona....I'm just going to have to accept that.

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