Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Birthday Reflections

Haven't posted in a few days and thought I'd ramble for a bit. Nothing much going on in the life of Kai these days really. Heading to Chicago in a few days for a 4 day weekend and to celebrate my turning 27 on Saturday. 27. It's funny how your perception of ages changes as you get older. I remember being young, maybe 10 or 11 and thinking that by 27 I'd be married, have a few kids, a house....the whole picket fence picture. If you would have told me that instead, I'd be living in an NYC apartment, childless and with no male prospects anywhere near the horizon, I would have been shocked. I look at 30 now with more pragmatic eyes. My goals are much less lofty than they were at 10. I see myself in 3 years (!) still without a date for Friday night, still childless and probably still in this apartment. My goals now are to redecorate my bedroom and increase the savings account. I've become much too practical in my old age.

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Teacher lady said...

I think life is what happens when you're making other plans (to quote the Beatles.) If you had told me that at 35, I'd be a full-time student, I would have told YOU that perhaps you were smoking your socks. It all unfolds in an interesting and sometimes shocking way, but that's good (for the most part.) Who wants to live the same life they dreamed of at 10? Happy Birthday!!!